Australian Flowers Fabric

Creating a floral fabric collection is always a pleasure. You can shop beautiful Australian Floral fabrics here >>>>>>

My process is a fun journey in itself. I always start by heading off to the Sydney fresh flower markets. What a visual delight that place is! I get up at the crack of dawn to head down to the markets before first light. Once you arrive it like like being part of a secret flower world. The place is buzzing with florists, small business owners,  floral artists, stylists and also just general shoppers wanting flowers for special occasions. I highly recommend a trip to the flowers markets if you want to deck out your event cheaply with fresh blooms!

Once I have found my chosen blooms I head home and start to sketch them. I also take photos of them from every angle so I have reference images for the future. One of the most important things as a floral textile designer is to always use your own reference images and flowers. This way the work is 100% yours from start to finish. Too many times I see fabric designers use google image search for their reference images and to be honest - it shows because everyone else is using the same images too It is far better to get your own unique angles and floral compositions.

After sketching it is time to paint. This is my favourite part of the process. I love getting out my palette and brushes and mixing up my colours. It can be a little tricky with my small people around me (I have a toddler and seven year old son who both love to paint and draw with me). Often I feel I am helping them more than getting my work done, but that is truly part of the joy of what I do.

Once I have a finished piece of art I then scan it and import it into my computer. I then repeat this process until I have all the artwork I need to create an Australian flower fabric collection. This is where the magic happens with creating my patterns and fabric stories. I usually have a good idea in my minds eye of what I will design, but it actually rarely goes the way I think. I love just letting the natural process of letting the artwork come together and form a story.

Once I have a composition and palette that I feel is working I then start to create my feature Australian floral fabric prints. After they are done I will also design several coordinating prints that will be perfect floral blender fabrics.

You can see my newest new Australian flower fabrics featuring waratahs, gum blossoms, and many more Australian flowers are available purchase wholesale through Kennard and Kennard or retail shop here >>>


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